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Dinopopolous - Nick Edwards


Jurassic Park’s got nothing on Nick Edwards astonishing solo debut: one part bande dessinée adventure, one part video-game homage, all parts dinosaur-inspired.

Nigel is your average 13-year-old boy from Chipton. He loves reading fantasy/ sci-fi comics and playing video games, listening to heavy metal, and obsessive over his classmate Martha. Oh yeah, and he spends most of his time solving mysteries with his best friend Brian… a dinosaur with twin-mounted laser cannons on his back, naturally.

Called into action by moustachioed madman Lancaster Perrifold, Nigel and Brian are launched into the hunt for The Miracle Bird of Ndundoo: a mythical jewel-excreting creature living deep below the planet’s crust. Racing against the clock, the Jurassic duo must beat their nefarious adversaries, Julian and his Evil League of Lizards, to the mysterious ancient prize.

Combining out-and-out fun with insane metaphysical illustrations, Dinopoplous only further justifies the growing tower of praise that comics journalists and peers have piled atop Nick’s work.

Since winning The Cartoon Museum’s Under 30’s Young Cartoonist of the Year award in 2009, Nick’s continued to go from strength to strength, making it easy to see why he’s fast becoming one of the hottest stars in the new UK comics scene.

Nick Edwards whips up some surreal maelstroms in his crowded battle scenes and sketch artwork. His wandering doodles erupt in planet-sized collages of awesome… It’s like his brain just churns out Where’s Waldo? Editions that were designed by Johnny Ryan and Salvador Dalí. – Comics Alliance

Chalk Mark 4 | 285 x 211mm softcover with flaps | 26pp | B&W | ISBN 9781906653521