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My Skateboard Life - Ed Syder


Growing up in the Cornwall skate scene of the 1980s and 1990s, Ed Syder details the thrills, spills, romance, excitement, and obsession of a sport that, for those involved, defined a generation worldwide.

For anyone who ever puzzled over the axel width of their trucks or oogled board designs in a skate shop, Ed recalls the teen anxiety of not having the coolest equipment as a beginner, the epoch-changing shift from vert skating to street skating, and how things just got weird when there were girls at the skate park. Also features mini-interviews with classic skateboarders Steve Steadham (of Bones Brigade fame) and Jeff Hedges.

Visually-inspired by the board graphics that Ed still drools over to this day, My Skateboard Life stays true to skating’s punk roots with a zine-like presentation that’s both honest and celebratory. Illustrated in the distinctive high-impact black and white style that made him a star in the Manchester music poster scene, there’s no better way to relive falling in love with skateboarding all over again.

ISBN 9781906653095
Softcover with flaps - 100 pages - B&W