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Playing Out - Jim Medway

Image of Playing Out - Jim Medway


It’s the Summer holidays in Manchester and Kieran, Jamal and Connor are doing what any self-respecting kids would do on a Saturday: killing time by walking around the city centre. Aimlessly exploring the shops, the trio find themselves window-shopping for trainers, hunting for money in pay- phones, drooling over the older girls from their school and traveling to the top of the multi-story car park just to see the view.

A kid’s-eye perspective of life, Playing Out is for all of us who fondly remember weekends spent marauding with no money and precious few responsibilities. As the boys travel around, the real story is told not by what they are doing, but through the conversations and interactions they have along the way. Disgruntled shopkeepers distrust them on principle, local goths become the subject of both their ridicule and secret awe and off-duty teachers blow their minds by—shock horror—having a life outside of school too.