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The Survivalist - Box Brown


Day to day, Noah appears to lead a normal life. He works in a boring cubicle, in a boring office, surrounded by people that just ‘don’t get him’. However, as a regular listener to extreme conspiracy theorist Dick March's podcasts, Noah has built a fully functional underground bunker in the event that a supposedly “safe” passing-meteor collides with the Earth.

Unfortunately for most of the population, the conspiracy believers are proven right. The lone survivor of the cosmic catastrophe, Noah emerges completely blasé to the fall-out and destruction around him. With barely a second thought, he settles into a new life without work, without the man, and—most importantly—days full of pursuing his true passion: drawing comics.

Slowly growing sick of the monotony of being the supposed last man alive, Noah’s days of wine and irradiated roses grind to a halt when a mysterious female, Fatima, arrives on the scene. At first suspecting her to be a terrorist, a significant relationship blooms amongst the wreckage, forcing Noah, at long last, to genuinely connect with someone else.

42 pages | B&W | 29x21cm with flaps | £5.99